About Us


Where it all started…and got coded


DiscoVR positions itself as a marketing and communication tool provider, using Virtual Reality to solve your company’s challenges. Our growing team ensures a perfect match between your specific VR needs and the cutting-edge techniques at hands.

DiscoVR was hatched inside the animated minds of three students in 2017 – with Hai as the driving force bringing it to fruition.

The initial concept relied on real estate agencies in their need for realistic and high-quality virtual visits to attract potential buyers/renters in this fierce and competitive market. Three months after launching the start-up, a key learning emerged: creating a high-quality virtual visit is nice, but delivering an entirely innovative communication tool is even better and way more ambitious!


Two main experiential services


DiscoVR provides two main services – Reality and Virtual Experiences:

Reality Experiences are virtual visits of existing buildings, venues and attractions. Our high-resolution cameras capture 360° scans and will perfectly portray any location or surrounding. Our experienced technicians assemble this visual data to recreate the highest quality reality walkthrough tour possible! We can even engage your visitors with customised information points throughout the tour.

 Virtual Experiences are completely computer-generated virtual visits created out of sketches and inspired imagination. Advanced software programs allow us to build impressive 3D buildings, venues, events, exhibitions, or brand experiences for which the sky really is the limit! Elaborating on the 3D images, those technologies lead to the creation of immersive experiences filled with interactive “points of interest”. 

Driving the future

Our Development team not even aims at being “up-to-date”, but more often than not at being “ahead of its time” ! Being ambitious is one of success’ roots !

Capturing reality

Our on-site team makes sure that our drone & cameras are delivering the highest standards of image quality. It is a demanding work, for sure. But it’s fun work, too !


Coding & feeding the planet web

“It is all about coding”.  Yet, more than just “geeking around”, our team is providing cutting-edge communication tools !

Managing your projects with expertise

From the discovery phase to the delivery one, our project management team ensures that your (virtual) dreams come true !

“Passionate about new technologies since I was a child and loving to work within a team, I decided to merge both and launched DiscoVR ! Our team is always searching for brand new high-tech and innovative solutions which would complement even further our Virtual Reality services.”

Meet Hai – our Managing Director

As my first name indicates, I have roots in Vietnam.
Funny fact, I also graduated from Chemistry, majoring in Biotechnlogies.

What I like?

– Hiking

– Playing badminton

– Cooking fancy dishes

– Kuzco Disney movie

What I like way less?

– Horror movies

– Having my Belgian “speculoos” biscuit soaked in my coffee   

– Being hungry

DiscoVR, it’s a wise mix of…

(don’t be surprised by the 101%, we’ve been told you we are different that way!)

  • Ingenuity 50% 50%
  • Forward thinking 26% 26%
  • Happiness creation 25% 25%
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