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Volvo VR Teambuilding

Brand Experiences
Volvo Car Gent was looking for an engaging TEAMBUILDING activity in the middle of the pandemic. It is all about people and the WELLBEING of the teams, even in volatile times!

To challenge teams to step outside there comfort zone and explore new tech. Engaging teambuilding activity in the middle of the pandemic. Allow all teams to participate as they work in a 24h production cyclus. On the premises of Volvo Car Gent. Inspiring and branded environment relevant to the Volvo Car Gent identity.

Solution Provides

A real treasure hunt in the Metaverse VOLVO-CITY with hidden assignments & team challenges: Custom-made online planning tool // Volvo Arcade Area // Games based on key objectives, Preformance, Endurance, Aguility, Technology // A custom-made VR game, with respect of Volvo’s current brand guidelines and future vision. In collaboration with OFCORES EVENTS


3 months


"From top management, the unions to production teams, they loved it and gave it all! Would you?”